Top Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are very creative and any toy that can inspire and encourage that creativity is one you should definitely consider adding to Top Toys for Toddlerstheir collection. Here is our list of five of the top toys for toddlers that have both educational and entertaining values.

Theo Klein Toy Cleaning Trolley/Miele Vacuum Combo

This is definitely something your toddler would be very accustomed to seeing around the house. While older kids would be deterred from wanting to do anything that has to do with chores, toddlers find cleaning rather entertaining which would explain why sometimes you mysteriously catch them with a broom in their hand.

This toy cleaning trolley has everything your toddler needs to help you keep the house clean and tidy. The trolley comes complete with a bucket, mop, hand broom and dust pan, regular size broom, sponge, wash cloth, pretend cleaning products and a vacuum. The vacuum cleaner actually lights up and makes sound effects when turned on.




Fisher-Price Little People Lil Pirate Ship

Pirates are so exciting and mysterious at the same time. Your child can sail the ocean sea and become a pirate on a treasure hunt with the Little People Lil Pirate Ship. This pirate ship has so many hidden and secret elements that it’s a treasure hunt in and of itself. It features sleeping and eating quarters, a working cannon, two pirate figures, cannon ball, treasure map, a swinging hammock, a hidden plank that pops out when you turn the ship’s wheel, multi level decks, a chair, and a parrot that plays music and fun sounds.




LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Toy

There’s a music lover in every child and with the Touch Magic electric guitar your toddler will be able to enjoy all sorts of music while learning at the same time. The guitar includes a strap that makes playing it easy and comfortable. It also features ten different learning songs that your toddler can play on top of to make their own music, percussion and other special effect sounds in addition to guitar, and an automatic response to your toddler’s every tap, touch, or slide.




Learning Resources Pretend & Play Camp Set

If you’re kid loves the great outdoors, camping trips or just putting up tents and forts made up of blankets in the living room then the Pretend & Play Camp Set is just the toy for them. The 9 piece set has everything you need for a realistic camping experience. It includes a battery powered stove, a lantern that lights up, a water bottle, a functional compass, a cooking pan, a shovel, first aid kit, cup and a utensil set. All that’s missing is a tent, which is something a few blankets can provide.




Little Tikes Pillow Racers

Anything that makes getting around the house fun and exciting is worth getting for a busy, curious and wandering toddler. Pillow racers come in several characters such as a unicorn, a panda bear, a turtle, a rabbit, vehicles and many more. They’re soft pillows that easily attach and detach to a wheeled base.

Easy grip handles also attach to the base when in riding mode which helps with balance and stability. The four caster wheels have the ability to turn 360 degrees which gives your toddler complete control in where they want to go. And when they’re done riding their pillow racer, the detached pillow character will make a nice cuddling buddy for naps and bedtime.







We hope you love this collection of our favorite top toys for toddlers and that your kids will love them too!

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